About Pura Vida Knitting Retreat

Knitting Workshops

Embellishing Your Knits

In this workshop, Claudia will explore the techniques used in her latest book, published by Laine Publishing, to show how to embellish your sweaters with embroidery, appliqué, ribbons, beads, and crochet details. Claudia will have sample garments with these techniques so you can see them up close. You will learn the basics of embroidery, beading, crochet, and hand stitching to embellish a simple piece and turn it into something special, a personalized work of art, a piece of couture all your own! With a focus on developing creative decision-making skills, you can turn any project into a one-of-a-kind piece.

All materials in this workshop will be included except for the following items, which students will need to bring:

  • 10 cm x 10 cm swatch knit in 100% wool similar to Jamieson & Smith, Isager, Tukuwool, etc. This will need to be knit tightly and evenly and blocked.

  • 20 cm (8 inch) Embroidery hoop

  • 5mm crochet hook

  • 75mm pair of knitting needles (straight needed are best for this workshop)

Learn Sashiko Embroidery

Explore the world of traditional Japanese embroidery with our interactive and engaging workshop. Learn the art of sashiko, a beautiful form of embroidery that uses a running stitch method to create intricate patterns inspired by nature. This beginner-friendly technique is not only fun to learn but also portable and perfect for socializing while you work. The skills you acquire can be applied towards mending and restoring damaged clothing, giving them new life and purpose.

All materials are included in this workshop.

Embroidered Scissors Holder (Just for Fun!)

During this retreat, everyone will be gifted a beautiful pair of scissors and a kit with the materials to make an embroidered scissors holder. This is a quick 30-minute workshop that we can all do together and have a lot of fun while getting to know each other. It is made using felt fabric.

Mosaic Summer Top

For the retreat, Claudia will create an exclusive Pura Vida design using the mosaic knitting technique. This will be a beautiful summer top full of colours that remind us of Costa Rica. The design and yarn to make it are included in this workshop.