Jungle Tour

Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica is a must-visit destination for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The guided tour is led by certified naturalists who are knowledgeable and professional. The tour is designed to be a leisurely and enjoyable journey along well marked trails and pristine white-sand beaches. It offers an immersive introduction to the diverse flora and fauna within the park's lush rainforests and mangroves. The park is home to many animals such as white-faced and howler monkeys, sloths, toucans, squirrels and more. These animals are often easily visible to visitors, but the expert guides enhance the experience with their keen detection skills and telescopic lenses. This allows you to spot resident wildlife seamlessly blending into the verdant jungle, ensuring you won't miss a moment of the park's captivating biodiversity!

Duration: 3-4 hours

What to bring: Comfortable walking shoes (no flip flops), insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses and hat, bathing suit and camera.

Gala Dinner

Let’s Culminate our Retreat with an Unforgettable Evening of Celebration!

As we say goodbye to our enriching retreat, we will gather for a grand finale with a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. Join us for a spectacular gourmet dinner in our exclusive private dining venue, where we will toast to the cherished memories we have created and the bonds of friendship we have forged!

And what would a celebration be without music?
We will immerse ourselves in the vibrant rhythms of local live music, setting the perfect ambiance for our soirée.

Feeling the urge to dance?
You can join our optional dance class, where experienced partners await to guide you through every step with grace and flair.

Let's make this final night a crescendo of joy, laughter, and shared experiences!

Spa Treatment

Located within the resort, the spa is a calm and peaceful sanctuary with windows that overlook the lush rainforest. Beautiful murals and floor mosaics, combined with rustic ochre-hued walls, create a serene atmosphere that evokes tranquility. Throughout the retreat you can take the opportunity for a rejuvenating massage to help you release any knitting-related cramps and aches.

Please note: Spa treatments are not part of the retreat package and must be organized privately.

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